Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidImportant feature(s)Source or reference
    E. coli
        DH5αF′ φ80dlacZΔM15 Δ(lacZYA-argF)U169 deoR recA1 endA1Invitrogen
        BW29427hsdR17(rK mK+)phoA supE44 thi-1K. Datsenko and B. L. Wanner, unpublished
        H1780fiu::lplacMu53 fur27
    M. gryphiswaldense
        R3/S1Wild type, but Rifr Smr60
        MSR-1BSpontaneous nonmagnetic mutant of MSR-155
        RU-1R3/S1 ΔfurThis study
    M. magneticum
        AMB-1Wild type34
    pGEM-T EasyCloning vector; AmprPromega
    pGEMPmamDCpGEM-T Easy plus PmamDCThis study
    pGEMPmamABpGEM-T Easy plus PmamABThis study
    pGEMPmms16pGEM-T Easy plus Pmms16This study
    pGEMPrplKpGEM-T Easy plus PrplKThis study
    pGEMPfhuFpGEM-T Easy plus PfhuFThis study
    pGEMPmgr4079pGEM-T Easy plus Pmgr4079This study
    pGEMfuruppGEM-T Easy plus fur 2-kb upstream regionThis study
    pGEMfurdownpGEM-T Easy plus fur 2-kb downstream regionThis study
    pJET1.2/bluntCloning vector; AmprFermentas
    pJETEcfurpJET1.2/blunt plus fur from E. coliThis study
    pJETamb1009pJET1.2/blunt plus amb1009 from M. magneticumThis study
    pJETamb4460pJET1.2/blunt plus amb4460 from M. magneticumThis study
    pJETmgr1314pJET1.2/blunt plus mgr1314 from M. gryphiswaldenseThis study
    pBBR1MCS-2Mobilizable broad-host-range vector; Kmr36
    pBBR1MCS-2furpBBR1MCS-2 containing furThis study
    pBBR1MCS-5Mobilizable broad-host-range vector; Gmr36
    pBBR1PtetMobilizable broad-host-range vector; Kmr, PtetC. Lang, unpublished
    pBBR1MCS-5PtetMobilizable broad-host-range vector; Gmr, PtetThis study
    pBBR1MCS-5Ptet/EcfurpBBR1MCS-5Ptet with fur from pJETEcfurThis study
    pBBR1MCS-5Ptet/amb1009pBBR1MCS-5Ptet with fur from pJETamb1009This study
    pBBR1MCS-5Ptet/amb4460pBBR1MCS-5Ptet with fur from pJETamb4460This study
    pBBR1MCS-5Ptet/mgr1314pBBR1MCS-5Ptet with fur from pJETmgr1314This study
    pCM184Broad-host-range allelic exchange vector39
    pCM184furuppCM184 with 2-kb fragment from pGEMfurupThis study
    pCM184ΔfurpCM184furup with 2-kb fragment from pGEMfurdownThis study