Proteins that are differentially expressed between the WT and RU-1 under different growth conditions (−Fe and +Fe), as identified by LC-MS-MSa

Expression level in RU-1 vs WTNCBI accession no. or locus tagProtein identification/functionMolecular size (kDa)No. of peptide ionsRelative expression level in RU-1
WTRU-1RU-1 −Fe/ WT −FeRU-1 +Fe/ WT +Fe
UpregulatedMGR0081TonB-dependent outer membrane receptor72NDbND1723UniqueUnique
MGR0236Bacterial extracellular solute-binding protein3612ND25132.08Unique
MGR0237Putative diguanylate cyclase/phosphodiesterase with PAS sensor domain76NDND1013UniqueUnique
MGR0662Hypothetical protein32NDND1012UniqueUnique
MGR0705Conserved hypothetical protein11NDND1914UniqueUnique
MGR0706Conserved hypothetical protein1211ND26282.36Unique
MGR0707Conserved hypothetical protein12NDND1714UniqueUnique
MGR1021Periplasmic trypsin-like serine protease56NDND1112UniqueUnique
MGR1593Transcriptional regulator ArsR family20NDND1413UniqueUnique
MGR4109HlyB type I secretion system ATPase81NDND1111UniqueUnique
DownregulatedMGR0698CydA cytochrome d ubiquinol oxidase subunit 1581011NDNDUnique (WT)Unique (WT)
ABL14106FeoB1764050ND10Unique (WT)−5.00
  • a Characteristics of proteins with putative relation to iron metabolism are shown in bold.

  • b ND, not detected.