Proteins of N. sennetsu identified by proteomicsa

Embedded Image
  • a Proteins shown in bold are the two major unique β-barrel N. sennetsu surface proteins. Shaded proteins were also identified as surface exposed by proteomic analyses of E. chaffeensis and/or A. phagocytophilum (14, 15, 21).

  • b Total number of peptides detected for the given protein. Numbers in parentheses show the coverage of proteins by the identified peptides.

  • c Theoretical isoelectric point of the given protein, as predicted by the ExPASy Compute pI/MW tool (13).

  • d Determined by SignalP v.3.0 (4). The numbers in parentheses indicate the amino acids between which cleavage is predicted to occur in the given protein.

  • e For this protein, the neural networks predicted cleavage between amino acids 24 and 25, and HMM predicted cleavage between amino acids 20 and 21.

  • f Only the hidden Markov model predicts a signal peptide in the given protein.