Presence of known L. pneumophila T4SS effectors in sequenced genomes

No.NameaSynonymGene inb:
1CegC1 lpw_00111 lpl0012 lpg0012 lpc0013 lpp0012
2LegA10AnkQ lpw_00381 lpl0038 lpg0038 lpc0039 lpp0037
3lpg0045 lpw_00441 lpl0044 lpg0045 lpc0047 lpp0046
4Ceg3 lpw_00781 lpg0080 lpp0094
5lpg0081 lpw_00791 lpg0081 lpp0095
6Lem1 lpw_00881 lpl0089 lpg0090 lpc0109 lpp0104
7Ceg4 lpw_00961 lpl0096 lpg0096 lpc0115 lpp0110
8VipF lpw_01031 lpl0103 lpg0103 lpc0122 lpp0117
9CegC2 lpw_01261 lpl0125 lpg0126 lpc0146 lpp0140
10SdhB lpw_01361 lpl0135 lpg0135 lpc0156 lpp0150
11LegU1 lpw_02651 lpl0234 lpg0171 lpc0252 (p) lpp0233
12Ceg5 lpw_02821 lpg0191 lpp0251
13Ceg7 lpw_03151 lpl0281 lpg0227 lpc0303 lpp0286
14SidE lpw_03221 lpl0288 lpg0234 lpc0309 lpp0304
15Ceg8 lpw_03291 lpl0294 lpg0240 lpc0316 lpp0310
16Ceg9 lpw_03361 lpl0300 lpg0246 lpc0323 lpp0316
17SdbA lpw_03641 lpl0327 lpg0275 lpc0351/2 (p) lpp0349
18LegG2 lpw_03651 lpl0328 lpg0276 lpc0353 lpp0350
19Ceg10 lpw_03741 lpl0336 lpg0284 lpc0361 lpp0360
20Lem2 lpw_03751 lpl0337 lpg0285 lpc0362 lpp0361
21lpg0294 lpw_03861 lpl0347 lpg0294 lpc0373 lpp0372
22lpg0365 lpw_04441 lpl0406 lpg0365 lpc2979 lpp0430
23SdhA lpw_04591 lpl0419 lpg0376 lpc2967 lpp0443
24VipA lpw_04721 lpl0433 lpg0390 lpc2954 lpp0457 (p)
25LegA9AnkY lpg0402 lpp2058
26LegA7AnkG, AnkZ lpw_04841 lpl0445 lpg0403 lpc2941 lpp0469
27LegA11AnkJ lpw_05181 lpl0479 lpg0436 lpc2906 lpp0503
28Ceg14 lpw_05191 lpl0480 lpg0437 lpc2905 lpp0504
29LegA12AnkC lpw_05631 lpl0523 lpg0483 lpc2861 lpp0547
30lpg0518 lpw_05981 lpl0557 lpg0518 lpc2826 lpp0581
31Ceg17 lpg0519
32SidA lpw_06951 lpl0658 lpg0621 lpc2673 lpp0675
33lpg0634 lpw_07081 lpl0671 lpg0634 lpc2660 lpp0688
34WipB lpw_07161 lpl0679 lpg0642 lpc2651 lpp0696/7 (p)
35LegA8AnkN, AnkX lpw_07721 lpl0732 lpg0695 lpc2599 lpp0750
36Lem3 lpw_07731 lpl0733 lpg0696 lpc2598 lpp0751
37Ceg18 lpw_09801 lpl0929 lpg0898 lpc2395 lpp0959
38LidA lpw_10251 lpl0971 lpg0940 lpc2349 lpp1002
39LegL1 lpw_10311 lpg0945 lpc2344 lpp1007
40lpg0963LigA lpw_10491 lpl0992 lpg0963 lpc2324 lpp1025
41Lem4 lpw_11451 lpl1100 lpg1101 lpc2154 (p) lpp1101
42Lem5 lpw_11571 lpl1114 lpg1110 lpc2142 lpp1111
43Lem6 lpw_11681 lpg1120
44Ceg19 lpw_11691 lpl1126 lpg1121 lpc0578 lpp1121
45CegC3 lpw_11971 lpl1150 lpg1144 lpc0607 lpp1146
46Lem7 lpw_11981 lpl1151 lpg1145 lpc0608 lpp1147
47lpg1148 lpw_12011 lpl1154 lpg1148 lpc0611 lpp1150
48lpg1158 lpw_12121 lpl1165 (p) lpg1158 lpc0621 lpp1160
49VpdB lpw_12861 lpl1235 lpg1227 lpc0696 lpp1235
50lpg1273 lpw_12871 lpl1236 lpg1273 lpc0698 lpp1236
51Lem8 lpg1290 lpp1253
52SidG lpg1355 lpp1309
53VpdC lpw_14431 lpl1377 lpg1426 lpc0842 lpp1381
54LegK1 lpw_15031 lpl1545 lpg1483 lpc0898 lpp1439
55LegC5Lgt3 lpw_15081 lpl1540 lpg1488 lpc0903 (p) lpp1444
56Lem9 lpg1491 lpp1447
57Lem10 lpw_15181 lpl1530 lpg1496 lpc0915 lpp1453
58LegC6 lpw_16131 lpl1437 lpg1588 lpc1013 lpp1546
59Lem11 lpw_16231 lpl1427 lpg1598 lpc1025 lpp1556
60LegL2 lpw_16241 lpl1423 (p) lpg1602 lpc1028 lpp1567
61Ceg23 lpw_16461 lpl1402 lpg1621 lpc1048 lpp1591
62Lem12 lpw_16511 lpl1398 lpg1625 lpc1052 lpp1595
63SidB lpw_16681 lpl1384 lpg1642 lpc1071 lpp1612 (p)
64LegL3 lpw_16861 lpl1625 lpg1660 lpc1090 lpp1631
65lpg1689 lpw_17141 lpl1652 lpg1689 lpc1120 lpp1658
66LegC3PpeA lpw_17231 lpl1660 lpg1701 lpc1130 lpp1666
67PpeBLem13 lpw_17241 lpl1661 lpg1702 lpc1131 lpp1667
68lpg1717 lpw_17401 lpg1717 lpp1682
69Lpl1680 lpl1680 lpc1150
70Lpl1681 lpl1681 lpc1151
71LegAS4AnkI lpw_17411 lpl1682 lpg1718 lpc1152 lpp1683
72Lpg1751 lpw_17761 lpl1715 lpg1751 lpc1191 lpp1715
73Ceg25 lpw_18691 lpl1800 lpg1836 lpc1280 lpp1799
74Lem14 lpw_18871 lpl1817 lpg1851 lpc1296 lpp1818
75YlfBLegC2 lpw_19161 lpl1845 lpg1884 lpc1331 lpp1848
76LegLC8 lpw_19231 lpl1852 lpg1890 lpc1338 lpp1857
77Lem15 lpw_19721 lpl1903 lpg1933 lpc1406 lpp1914
78Lem16 lpw_19951 lpl1917b (p) lpg1947 lpc1421b (p) lpp1930
79LegLC4 lpg1948
80Lem17 lpw_19961 lpl1918 lpg1949 lpc1422 lpp1931
81RalF lpw_19971 lpl1919 lpg1950 lpc1423 lpp1932
82LegC4 lpw_20041 lpl1922 lpg1953 lpc1426 lpp1935
83LegL5 lpg1958 lpp1940
84LirA lpw_20111 lpl1934 (p) lpg1960 lpc1437 lpp1942
85LirB lpw_20131 lpl1936 lpg1962 lpc1440 lpp1946
86LirCPieA lpg1963 lpc1442
87LirDPieB lpg1964
88LirEPieC lpw_20141 lpg1965 lpc1443/5 (p)
89LirFPieD lpw_20151 lpg1966 lpc1446 lpp1947
90PieELem18 lpw_20201 lpl1941 lpg1969 lpc1452 lpp1952
91PieF lpw_20291 lpl1950 lpg1972 lpc1459 lpp1955
92LegG1PieG lpw_20351 lpl1953 lpg1975/6 (p) lpc1462 lpp1959
93SetA lpw_20371 lpl1955 lpg1978 lpc1464 lpp1961
94LegK2 lpw_23101 lpl2066 lpg2137 lpc1586 lpp2076
95LegAU13Ceg27, AnkB lpw_23181 lpl2072 lpg2144 lpc1593 lpp2082
96SdeC lpw_23271 lpl2081 lpg2153 lpc1602 lpp2092
97Sde lpw_23281 lpl2082 lpg2154 lpc1603 lpp2093
98SidJ lpw_23291 lpl2083 lpg2155 lpc1604 lpp2094
99SdeA lpw_23331 lpl2085 lpg2157 lpc1618 lpp2096
100Lpg2160 lpw_23361 lpl2088 lpg2160 lpc1621 lpp2099
101Lem19 lpw_23451 lpl2093 lpg2166 lpc1626 lpp2104
102LegS2 lpw_23561 lpl2102 lpg2176 lpc1635 lpp2128
103CegC4 lpw_23821 lpl2124 lpg2200 lpc1664 lpp2150
104LegA2 lpw_24011 lpl2140 lpg2215 lpc1680 lpp2166
105Lem20 lpw_24021 lpl2141 lpg2216 lpc1681 lpp2167
106LpnE lpw_24081 lpl2147 lpg2222 lpc1689 lpp2174
107PpgA lpg2224
108Lem21 lpw_24371 lpl2174 lpg2248 lpc1717 lpp2202
109YlfALegC7 lpw_24841 lpl2217 lpg2298 lpc1763 lpp2246
110LegA3AnkH, lpw_24871 lpl2219 lpg2300 lpc1765 lpp2248
111LegA5AnkK lpw_25121 lpl2242 lpg2322 lpc1789 lpp2270
112Lpg2327 lpw_25181 lpl2247 lpg2327 lpc1794 lpp2275
113Lem22 lpw_25191 lpl2248 lpg2328 lpc1795 lpp2276
114SdbC lpw_26021 lpl2315 lpg2391 lpc2086 lpp2458
115LegL7 lpw_26121 lpl2323 lpg2400
116Lem23 lpw_26191 lpl2329 lpg2406 lpc2070 lpp2472
117Lpg2407 lpg2407 lpc2069 lpp2474
118Ceg29 lpw_26241 lpl2332 lpg2409 lpc2067 lpp2476
119VpdA lpw_26261 lpl2334 lpg2410 lpc2065 lpp2479
120Lem24 lpw_26281 lpl2335 lpg2411 lpc2064 lpp2480
121Lpp2486 lpp2486
122Lem25 lpw_26401 lpl2345 lpg2422 lpc2055 lpp2487
123Ceg30 lpw_26521 lpl2353 lpg2433 lpc2043 lpp2500
124LegA14AnkF, Ceg31 lpw_26701 lpl2370 lpg2452 lpc2026 lpp2517
125LegA15AnkD lpw_26751 lpl2375 lpg2456 lpc2020 lpp2522
126SidMDrrA lpw_26851 lpl2384 lpg2464
127SidD lpw_26861 lpl2385 lpg2465
128SdbB lpw_27041 lpl2402 lpg2482 lpc1996 lpp2546
129LepB lpw_27131 lpl2411 lpg2490 lpc1987 lpp2555
130Ceg32SidI lpw_27301 lpl2426 lpg2504 lpc1967 lpp2572
131SdjA lpw_27341 lpl2430 lpg2508 lpc1962/3 (p) lpp2576
132SdeD lpw_27351 lpl2431 lpg2509 lpc1961 lpp2577
133SdcA lpw_27361 lpl2432 lpg2510 lpc1960 lpp2578
134SidC lpw_27371 lpl2433 lpg2511 lpc1959 lpp2579
135Lem26 lpw_27501 lpg2523
136lpg2527 lpw_27531 lpl2447 lpg2527 lpc1944 lpp2592
137Lem27 lpw_27551 lpl2449 lpg2529 lpc1942 lpp2594
138LegK3 lpw_27911 lpl2481 lpg2556 lpc1906 lpp2626
139SidF lpw_28321 lpl2507 lpg2584 lpc0561 lpp2637
140Ceg33 lpw_28391 lpl2514 lpg2591 lpc0551 lpp2644
141Lem28 lpw_28521 lpl2526 lpg2603 lpc0539 lpp2656
142WipA lpw_29771 lpl2646 lpg2718 lpc0415 lpp2775
143Lpg2744 lpw_30031 lpl2669 lpg2744 lpc0386 lpp2800
144LepA lpw_30471 lpl2708 lpg2793 lpc3079 lpp2839
145Lem29 lpw_30591 lpl2719 lpg2804 lpc3090 lpp2850
146Ceg34 lpw_30831 lpl2714 lpg2826 lpc3113
147SidH lpw_30861 lpg2829
148LegU2LubX lpw_30881 lpg2830 lpp2887
149VipD lpw_30891 lpg2831 lpp2888
150LegC8Lgt2 lpg2862
151LegP lpw_32851 lpl2927 lpg2999 lpc3315 lpp3071
  • a Where a gene name is not assigned, the locus tag from the genome in which the effector was initially identified is used.

  • b (p), partial or pseudogene.