Putative novel Dot/Icm T4SS effectors and their homologues (>80% identity) in other L. pneumophila strains

130b effectorHomologue in strain: Domain/motif
Lpw_00581 (LtpA)Lpl0057 Lpc0063, Lpc3099 Radial spoke head protein
Lpw_02251Calcineurin-like phosphoesterase domain
Lpw_02301 (LtpB)Peptidase C58, Ankyrin repeat
Lpw_02381 (LtpC)Ankyrin repeat, RasGEF domain
Lpw_03701 (LtpD)
Lpw_04551 (LtpE)
Lpw_16311 (LtpF)Leucine-rich repeats
Lpw_20091 (LtpG)Lpl1931 Lpc1435 FIC domain
Lpw_20341 (LtpH)Ankyrin repeat
Lpw_21901Coiled coil
Lpw_25791 (LtpI)Lpl2297 Lpp2417
Lpw_25801Lpp2418 Lpc2130 Internal repeat
Lpw_25861a Lpc2106 Host cell attachment protein
Lpw_26201 (LtpJ)Lpl2330 Leucine-rich repeats
Lpw_28181Pentapeptide repeat
Lpw_28221NTPase (NACHT family)
  • a Pseudogene in the genome assembly, but likely sequencing error.