Strains used during this study

Species and strainGenotypebReference and/or source
B. subtilisa
    SMYPrototroph, 168 lineageP. Schaeffer (11)
    BB278tnrA62::Tn917 erm8
    HKB179lacA::tet yesZ::bleKim, H.-J., unpublished
    SRB10codY::(erm::spc)SMY × DNA RPS40
    SRB59ilvBpcre1SMY × DNA pSRB6
    SRB62ccpA::[(Tn917-lacZ)::spc]SMY × DNA BB1179
    SRB63tnrA62::(Tn917 erm)SMY × DNA BB278
    SRB70ilvBp2SMY × DNA pSRB7
    SRB77ilvBp3SMY × DNA pSRB25
    SRB87ilvBpΔT2SMY × DNA pSRB27
    SRB94ilvBp4SMY × DNA pSRB26
    SRB99ilvBpcre1 codY::(erm::spc)SRB59 × DNA RPS40
    SRB104ilvBp4 ilvBpΔT2 Ω pSRB27 (ilvBp4 ilvBpΔT2 neo)SMY × DNA pSRB27
    SRB107ilvBp4 ilvBpΔT2SRB94 × DNA pSRB27
    SRB117lacA::tet yesZ::ble amyE::(ptb-lacZ erm)SRB115 × DNA BB3125
    SRB129lacA::tet yesZ::ble ilvBp4 ilvBpΔT2 amyE::(ptb-lacZ erm)SRB117 × DNA SRB104
    SRB142ΔywaA2::spcSMY × DNA pSRB35
    SRB153ilvDpΔCBSSMY × DNA pSRB36
    SRB162ilvBp4 ilvBpΔT2 ilvDpΔCBSSRB153 × DNA SRB104
    SRB169ybgEpΔCBS3 Ω pSRB38 (ybgEpΔCBS3 neo)SMY × DNA pSRB38
    SRB181ybgEpΔCBS3SMY × DNA pSRB38
    SRB188ilvBp4 ilvBpΔT2 ybgEpΔCBS3SRB181 × DNA SRB104
    SRB194ilvBp4 ilvBpΔT2 ybgEpΔCBS3 ilvDpΔCBSSRB162 × DNA SRB169
    SRB200lacA::tet ilvBp4 ilvBpΔT2 ybgEpΔCBS3 ilvDpΔCBSSRB194 × DNA SRB129
    SRB202lacA::tet yesZ::ble ilvBp4 ilvBpΔT2 ybgEpΔCBS3 ilvDpΔCBSSRB200 × DNA SRB129
    SRB206lacA::tet yesZ::ble amyE::(yhdGp+-lacZ erm)SRB115 × DNA BB2505
    SRB207lacA::tet yesZ::ble amyE::(yufNp+-lacZ erm)SRB115 × DNA BB2686
    SRB212lacA::tet yesZ::ble ilvBp4 ilvBpΔT2 ybgEpΔCBS3 ilvDpΔCBS amyE::(yhdGp+-lacZ erm)SRB202 × DNA BB2505
    SRB213lacA::tet yesZ::ble ilvBp4 ilvBpΔT2 ybgEpΔCBS3 ilvDpΔCBS amyE::(yufNp+-lacZ erm)SRB202 × DNA BB2686
    SRB220lacA::tet yesZ::ble amyE::(yhdGp1up-lacZ erm)SRB115 × DNA BB2689
    SRB221lacA::tet yesZ::ble amyE::(yhdGp2d/12d-lacZ erm)SRB115 × DNA BB2821
    SRB222lacA::tet yesZ::ble ilvBp4 ilvBpΔT2 ybgEpΔCBS3 ilvDpΔCBS amyE::(yhdGp1up-lacZ erm)SRB202 × DNA BB2689
    SRB223lacA::tet yesZ::ble ilvBp4 ilvBpΔT2 ybgEpΔCBS3 ilvDpΔCBS amyE::(yhdGp2d/12d-lacZ erm)SRB202 × DNA BB2821
E. coli
    DH5αsupE44 ΔlacU169 (φ80 lacZ ΔM15) hsdR17 recA1 endA1 gyrA96 thi-1 relA146
    JM107supE44 endA1 hsdR17 gyrA96 relA1 thi Δ(lac-proAB) F′ (traD36 proAB+ lacIq lacZ ΔM15)46
  • a All B. subtilis strains listed are derivatives of SMY.

  • b The following nonconventional designations are used: TBS, TnrA binding site; ΔT2, an 80-bp deletion of the leucine-dependent terminator; CBS, CodY binding site.