Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidDescriptionaReference or source
    B. anthracis
        ΔANRA host strain for Tn917 transposon mutagenesis, pXO1 pXO2A. M. Friedlander (2)
        Sterne 34F2Wild type, pXO1+ pXO2P. C. Hanna (36)
        SH0001A Sterne strain containing pCN55 plasmid, SpecrThis study
        SH0002ΔmprF::Kmr, a Sterne 34F2 strain carrying deletion of bp −8 to 2512 of mprF (2,586 bp)This study
        SH0003SH0002 containing pmprF plasmid, Kmr SpecrThis study
        SH0004mprF::Tn917-Ermr, a ΔANR strain carrying Tn917 inserted in the BA1485 geneThis study
    E. coli
        GM2163F ara-14 leuB6 fhuA31 lacY1 tsx78 glnV44 galK2 galT22 mcrA dcm-6 hisG4 rfbD1 rpsL136 dam13::Tn9 xylA5 mtl-1 thi-l mcrB1 hsdR2; Cmr StrrNEB (28)
    pCN55A shuttle vector, Ampr for E. coli, Specr for B. anthracisE. Charpentier (5)
    pmprFpCN55 harboring the mprF open reading frame with its own promoterThis study
  • a Cmr, chloramphenicol resistance; Specr, spectinomycin resistance; Ermr, erythromycin resistance; Ampr, ampicillin resistance; Strr, streptomycin resistance; Kmr, kanamycin resistance.