Strains and plasmids used and constructed

Strain or plasmidGenotype or plasmid propertyaReference or source
MG16655Wild-type E. coli K-12Laboratory collection
MGJ36Same as MG1655, except ΔhicAB This work
BW25113 lacIq rrnB ΔlacZ hsdR ΔaraBAD ΔrhaBAD 11
MG1655 ΔssrA Same as MG1655, except ΔssrA 7
SG22093 clpP1::Cmlr rcsA166::Kanr S. Gottesman, NIH
SG22095 lon146::Tetr rcsA166::Kanr S. Gottesman, NIH
pNDM220mini R1; bla lacI q; PA1/O4/O3 MCS 15
pBAD33p15A; cat PBAD::MCS 17
pMJ221PA1/O4/O3::hicA This work
pMJ331PBAD::hicB This work
pSC320pBR322; tet ssrA smpB 7
pSC321pBR322; tet ssrAsmpB 7
pKD3 cat template plasmid 11
pKD46 bla, λ Red recombinase expression 11
pCP20pSC101; rep(Ts) bla 11
  • a cat, chloramphenicol transacetylase gene; bla, β-lactamase gene; tet, tetracycline resistance gene; MCS, multiple cloning sites.