Strains examined in this study

Strain or plasmidGenotype and/or characteristicsaSource or reference
    MG1655Wild-type E. coli K-12Laboratory strain
    WO30MG1655 ΔiscR::Kanr This study
    GSO101MG1655 ΔiscS::Kanr 42
    WO232MG1655 ΔiscU This study
    WO419MG1655 ΔiscA This study
    WO420MG1655 Δflu::Kanr This study
    WO421MG1655 ΔiscRflu::Kanr This study
    WO422MG1655 ΔcsgDEFG::Kanr This study
    WO423MG1655 ΔiscRcsgDEFG::Kanr This study
    WO424MG1655 ΔfimAICDFGH::Kanr This study
    WO425MG1655 ΔiscRfimAICDFGH)::Kanr This study
    WO166MG1655 Δfur::Kanr This study
    WO426MG1655 ΔsufC This study
    WO427MG1655 ΔiscRfur::Kanr This study
    WO428MG1655 ΔrelA::Kanr This study
    WO429MG1655 ΔspoT::Kanr This study
    NM400MG1655 mini-λ, Cmr, ts 13
    WO430MG1655 Φ(fimB-lacZ)This study
    WO431MG1655 Φ(fimE-lacZ)This study
    WO432MG1655 ΔiscR Φ(fimB-lacZ)This study
    WO433MG1655 ΔiscR Φ(fimE-lacZ)This study
    WO434MG1655 Δfur Φ(fimB-lacZ)This study
    WO435MG1655 Δfur Φ(fimE-lacZ)This study
    WO436MG1655 ΔiscR piscR This study
    WO437MG1655 ΔiscR piscR-CTMThis study
    WO438MG1655 ΔiscR pFWO2This study
    DJ480MG1655 ΔX74lacLaboratory strain
    WO439DJ480 Φ(fhuF-lacZ)This study
    WO440DJ480 Δ iscR Φ(fhuF-lacZ)This study
    WO441MG1655 ΔfimE::Kanr This study
    WO442MG1655 ΔiscRfimE::Kanr This study
    WO443MG1655 ΔiscR, pRIThis study
    WO444MG1655 pRI-fimE This study
    WO445MG1655 ΔiscR, pRI-fimE This study
    WO446MG1655 ΔfimE, pRI-fimE This study
    WO447MG1655 ΔiscRfimE, pRI-fimE This study
    WO448MG1655 ΔryhB::Kanr This study
    WO449MG1655 ΔiscRryhB::Kanr This study
    WO450MG1655 ΔfurryhB::Kanr This study
    WO451MG1655 ΔiscRfurryhB::Kanr This study
    pFWO2Arabinose-inducible expression vector (Kanr)This study
    piscR pFWO2 with iscR (Kanr)This study
    piscR-CTMpFWO2 with iscR with C92A, C94A, C104A (Kanr)This study
    pRIConstitutive expression vector (Ampr) 39
    pRI-fimE pRI with fimE (Ampr)This study
  • a Ampr, ampicillin resistance; Kanr, kanamycin resistance.