Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristic(s)Reference
S. meliloti strains
    Rm1021Smr derivative of SU4729
    Rm8002Wild type; Rm1021 (SU47 Smr) pho27
    Rm8654Rm8002 bacA654::Spcr19
    SmGF1Rm1021 bacA654::Spcr12
    SmGF4Rm1021 acpXL::pK18mobGIINmr10
    SmGF5Rm1021 bacA654::Spcr acpXL::pK18mobGIINmr10
    pRK404Broad-host-range control plasmid; Tcr7
    pJG51ApRK404 carrying the S. meliloti bacA gene18
    pAI351pRK404 carrying the E. coli sbmA gene under the control of the S. meliloti bacA promoter19
    K8GpRK404 with bacA(K8G)25
    W57GpRK404 with bacA(W57G)25
    S83GpRK404 with bacA(S83G)25
    W87GpRK404 with bacA(W87G)25
    Y120GpRK404 with bacA(Y120G)25
    N159GpRK404 with bacA(N159G)25
    H165GpRK404 with bacA(H165G)25
    W182GpRK404 with bacA(W182G)25
    Q193GpRK404 with bacA(Q193G)25
    R194GpRK404 with bacA(R194G)25
    D198GpRK404 with bacA(D198G)25
    F223GpRK404 with bacA(F223G)25
    S231GpRK404 with bacA(S231G)25
    T259GpRK404 with bacA(T259G)25
    R284GpRK404 with bacA(R284G)25
    Q332GpRK404 with bacA(Q332G)25
    K350GpRK404 with bacA(K350G)25
    F363GpRK404 with bacA(F363G)25
    R389GpRK404 with bacA(R389G)25