Genes in the serovar Typhimurium igaA1 mutant with increased expression relative to that in the wild-type strain

Systematic gene nameGeneProductLog2 ratio for the indicated comparisonaReference(s) if the product was previously assigned to the Rcs regulonb
igaA1 mutant vs WTigaA1 rcsB mutant vs WTrcsB mutant vs WTigaA1 mutant vs igaA1 rcsA mutantigaA1 rcsA mutant vs WT
STM1633STM1633Putative periplasmic binding protein2.3−1.9−
STM1705osmBLipoprotein B3.0−0.9−0.05−1.04.123, 30, 55
STM1880yebEPutative inner membrane protein2.2−
STM1982rcsAColanic acid capsular regulator A3.6−1.6−, 55
STM1983dsrBHypothetical protein STM19832.4−0.7−
STM2080udgUDP-glucose/GDP-mannose dehydrogenase2.5−0.8−1.12.5−0.223, 55
STM2099wcaMPutative colanic acid biosynthetic protein3.3−0.6−, 30, 55
STM2100wcaLPutative glycosyl transferase6., 55
STM2101wcaKPutative galactokinase6.6−0.6−, 55
STM2102wzxCPutative colanic acid exporter5.4−0.1−, 55
STM2103wcaJUDP-glucose lipid carrier transferase5.6−0.9−, 55
STM2104cpsGPhosphomannomutase7.0−, 55
STM2105.SmanCMannose-1-phosphate guanylyl transferase8.0−, 55
STM2106wcaIPutative glycosyl transferase8.1−, 30, 55
STM2107wcaHGDP-mannose mannosyl hydrolase8.3−, 30, 55
STM2108wcaGGDP-fucose synthetase8.0−0.6−, 30, 55
STM2109gmdGDP-D-mannose dehydratase8.6−1.7−, 30, 55
STM2110wcaFPutative acyl transferase7.6−0.7−, 30, 55
STM2111wcaEPutative transferase6.9−, 30, 55
STM2112wcaDPutative colanic acid polymerase6.5−0.3−, 30, 55
STM2113wcaCPutative glycosyl transferase4.6−0.6−, 30, 55
STM2114wcaBPutative acyl transferase5.5−0.2−, 55
STM2115wcaAPutative glycosyl transferase4., 30, 55
STM2117wzbPutative phosphotyrosine protein phosphatase5.8−0.9−, 55
STM2118wzaPutative outer membrane polysaccharide export protein5.1−0.7−, 55
STM2407ypeCPutative periplasmic protein2.2−0.7−0.6−0.022.4
STM2801ygaCPutative cytoplasmic protein3.0−1.5−, 55
STM4100metBCystathionine gamma synthase2.40.20.5−0.43.0
STM4105metF5,10-Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase2.
STM4222.SyjbEPutative outer membrane protein5.9−0.2−, 22, 23, 55
STM4223yjbFPutative outer membrane lipoprotein5.9−, 23, 55
STM4224yjbGPutative periplasmic protein5.0−0.7−, 23, 55
STM4225yjbHPutative outer membrane lipoprotein3.2−0.2−, 23, 27, 55
  • a Each gene was represented by a single 70-mer oligonucleotide spotted in two separate sections of a microarray slide (see the supplemental material for details). For the statistical analyses, the two spots were considered different entities. The table lists only those genes identified in the comparison of the igaA1 mutant and the wild type (WT), both of whose P values were ≤0.05 and whose two log2 ratios were ≥2. For simplification of this table, only the average of the two log2 ratios for each gene is shown (see Table S2 in the supplemental material for a complete list of the log2 ratios and P values).

  • b No reference indicates no previous assignment.