Plasmids and bacterial strains used in this study

Plasmid or strainRelevant propertiesReference or source
    pGh9:ISS1ori+ of pWV01; Emr of pIL25331
    pGh9pGh9:ISS1 with EcoRI-SalI deletion to remove ISS1 elementThis work
    pNZ123Heterogramic replicon of pSH71; Cmr of pC1947
    pPNG904pGh9 ligated to EcoRI-SalI fragment of pNZ123 containing CmrThis work
    pPNG905pPNG904 with BamHI deletion to remove Emr; helper plasmid which provides repA in trans for pORI28This work
    pORI28ori+ of pWV01; no repA; Emr of pUC19E29
    pPNG901pORI28 with a 732-bp internal fragment of cglThis work
    pPNG902pORI28 with a 621-bp internal fragment of cyuCThis work
    pPNG903pORI28 with a 729-bp internal fragment of mlpThis work
    L. reuteri
        BR11Wild-type guinea pig vaginal isolate; Ems36
        PNG201BR11 with pPNG201 integrated into the genome; cyuC deficient; Emr47
        PNG901BR11 with pPNG901 integrated into the genome; cgl deficient; EmrThis work
        PNG902BR11 with pPNG902 integrated into the genome; cyuC deficient; EmrThis work
        PNG903BR11 with pPNG903 integrated into the genome; mlp deficient; EmrThis work
    E. coli
        NCK1393Also known as E. coli EC1000; contains chromosomally integrated repA for replication of pORI28 and derivatives; KmrTodd Klaenhammer; 29
        NCK1609NCK1393 carrying pORI28; EmrTodd Klaenhammer; 29