List of the tables in the supplemental material showing serovar Typhimurium genes with altered expression caused by mutations in igaA, components of the RcsCDB system, and/or the coregulator RcsAa

Table in the supplemental materialStrains used for transcriptome comparisonb
S2All strains
S3igaA1 mutant vs igaA1 rcsB mutant
S4rscB mutant vs wild type
S5igaA1 rcsB mutant vs wild type
S6igaA1 mutant vs igaA1 rcsA mutant
S7igaA1 rcsA mutant vs wild type
S8rcsA mutant vs wild type
S9igaA2::KIXX rcsC′ mutant vs wild type
S10igaA2::KIXX (ΔompC′-micF) mutant vs wild type
S11igaA1 mutant vs igaA2::KIXX rcsC′ mutant
S12igaA1 mutant vs igaA2::KIXX (ΔompC-micF) mutant
S13igaA2::KIXX (ΔompC-micF) mutant vs igaA2::KIXX rcsC′ mutant
  • a Altered expression is indicated by a P value of ≤0.05 and a log2 ratio that was less than or equal to −2 or ≥2.

  • b Strain designations for the indicated genotypes are SL1344 (wild type), SV4450 (igaA1 mutant), SV4379 (rcsA mutant), SV4406 (rcsB mutant), SV4343 (igaA1 rcsA mutant), MD0862 (igaA1 rcsB mutant), MD0842-J4 (igaA2::KIXX rcsC′ mutant), and MD0855-J10 [igaA2::KIXX (ΔompC′ -micF) mutant]. See also Table 1. Genes with differential expression in the comparison of the igaA1 mutant and the wild type are shown in Tables 3 and 4.