Germination of initial and superdormant spores prepared with moderate germinant concentrationsa

Spore usedSD spore prepnGermination inSpore germination (%/2 h)
B. subtilis wt300 μM l-val300 μM l-val550
B. subtilis wt300 μM l-val5 mM l-val7590
B. subtilis wt1/4 AGFK1/4 AGFK<560
B. subtilis wt1/4 AGFKAGFK8090
B. subtilis gerA gerBA*200 μM l-asn200 μM l-asn560
B. subtilis gerA gerBA*200 μM l-asn5 mM l-asn7090
B. megaterium200 μM d-glucose200 μM d-glucose<570
B. megaterium200 μM d-glucose10 mM d-glucose8090
  • a Superdormant spores of B. subtilis wild-type (PS533) and gerA gerBA* (FB22) strains and B. megaterium were prepared with moderate germinant concentrations, initial and superdormant spores were germinated with either the moderate germinant concentration or the high normal germinant concentration, and extents of spore germination after 2 h of incubation were determined, as described in Materials and Methods. Note that 10 mM d-glucose was present in all germinations with l-asparagine. SD, superdormant; wt, wild type; l-val, l-valine; l-asn, l-asparagine.