Germination of initial and superdormant spores prepared with moderate germinant concentrations by germinants targeting different germinant receptorsa

Spore usedSD spore prepnGermination inSpore germination (%/2 h)
B. subtilis wt300 μM l-val1/4 AGFK<340
B. subtilis wt300 μM l-valAGFK6580
B. megaterium200 μM d-glucose250 μM l-pro<540
B. megaterium200 μM d-glucose10 mM l-pro8090
  • a Superdormant spores of B. subtilis wild-type (PS533) and B. megaterium were prepared with moderate germinant concentrations, initial and superdormant spores were germinated with either a moderate or the normal high germinant concentration targeting a different germinant receptor(s) than that targeted in superdormant spore isolation, and extents of spore germination after 2 h of incubation were determined, as described in Materials and Methods. SD, superdormant; wt, wild type; l-val, l-valine; l-pro, l-proline.