Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain/plasmidRelevant characteristics/applicationReference or source
E. faecalis
    OG1RFLaboratory strain; Rifr FusrLaboratory stock
    V583Clinical isolate; VanrLaboratory stock
    551-05Clinical isolate; VansCDCa
    555-05Clinical isolate; VansCDCa
    94-06Clinical isolate; VanrCDCa
    CK111OG1Sp upp4::P23repA422
    JAL1relA deletion mutant of OG1RF, ΔrelAThis study
    JAL2relA deletion mutant of OG1RF, ΔrelQThis study
    JAL3relA relQ double-deletion mutant of OG1RF, ΔrelAQThis study
E. coli
    DH10BCloning hostLaboratory stock
    EC1000Host for cloning RepA-dependent plasmids24
    pGEM5Cloning vectorPromega
    pCJK47Donor plasmid, carries oriTpCF10, P-pheS*, pORI280 derivative; Ermr22
  • a CDC Streptococcus Laboratory.