Induction of genes involved in GABA metabolism in bacteroids

GeneInductionaP valueb
gabT 158 (±33)0.0016
opaA 4.1 (±0.7)0.0133
opaB 1.4 (±0.6)0.6754
gabD1 2.2 (±0.1)0.0022
gabD2 240 (±125)0.0092
gabD4 4.0 (±2.7)0.3010
  • a Induction of gene expression was measured by qRT-PCR in triplicate experiments and is given as the ratio for bacteroids versus free-living cultures grown in succinate and NH4Cl. The induction was calculated from the CT values of each paired experiment and given as an average (standard error of the mean shown in parentheses) from three experiments.

  • b P values are the results of a paired t test comparing the CT values of each paired experiment.