Dinucleotide bias and G+C variation of the gene cluster for LIV-I transporter in four sequenced cold-adapted Shewanella strains

StrainGenome locationG+C content (%) (genome G+C content)G+C plot position (%)δ* (103)aGenome fragments with lower δ* (%)b
S. piezotolerans WP33684100-369234545.17 (43.3)88.0752.0991.59
S. loihica PV-43072142-308039956.93 (53.7)86.1061.02488.057
S. sediminis HAW-EB33780533-378892850.12 (46.1)97.2656.13991.629
S. frigidimarina NCIMB 4002160657-216874839.76 (41.6)12.8855.85588.294
  • a The value δ* denotes the dinucleotide relative-abundance difference between the LIV-I gene cluster and the complete genome and was calculated with the δρ-WEB program ( ) (46). The high δ* values of these fragments indicate a likely heterologous origin.

  • b The percentage distribution of δ* was plotted using the δρ-WEB tool with random host genomic fragments of equal length as input sequences.