Effects of csrB on biofilm formationa

Strains (csrB genotype)Results with plasmid
MG1655 (csrB+)0.170 ± 0.0121.50 ± 0.172*0.067 ± 0.011
RG1-B (csrB::cam)0.029 ± 0.003*0.21 ± 0.016*0.010 ± 0.003
  • a Biofilm formation in CFA medium was measured at 24 h by crystal violet staining in microtiter wells (A630). Each result represents the mean values ± standard errors of three independent experiments, each conducted with triplicate samples. Statistical differences (P < 0.0001) were noted (*) between MG1655 and its csrB mutant, RG1-B, and between strains that contained either a multicopy csrB plasmid, pCSRB-SF, or the pUC19 control plasmid.