CAT activity of ccpA mutant strains of S. mutans UA159a

StrainCAT activity (nmol min−1 mg of protein−1)b of strain grown on TV medium with:
InulinInulin and glucoseGlucose
S. mutans ccpA+/PfruA-I31.23 ± 1.420.96 ± 0.410.25 ± 0.15
S. mutans ccpA/PfruA-I32.45 ± 3.011.25 ± 0.450.5 ± 0.35
S. mutans ccpA/DC-I82.06 ± 6.7817.62 ± 3.020.45 ± 0.36
S. mutans ccpA/DT-I28.73 ± 2.480.94 ± 0.53NDc
  • a The ccpA mutant strain was introduced with transcriptional fusions of the intact fruA promoter (PfruA-I) and its derivatives PfruAΔCRE (DC-I, PfruA with CRE-S and its 3′UTR deleted) and PfruAΔSL1-2 (DT-I, PfruA with SL1 and SL2 and their 3′UTR deleted) (see Fig. 1 and 2 for more detail).

  • b CAT activities were measured as described in the text. The data represent means ± standard deviations from no fewer than three separate experiments.

  • c ND, not detectable.