E. coli strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant genotype or phenotypeSource or reference
    JM83ara Δ(lac-proAB) rpsL thi φ80 dlacZΔM1538
    NF83recA56 ara Δ(lac-proAB) rpsL thi φ80 dlacZΔM1529
    BL21(DE3)dcm ompT hsdS gal/λ(DE3)35
    TN102= W3110 Nalr11
    pUC119Apr, pMB1 ori, lacZ38
    pUH23aApr, pMB1 ori, lac promoter, 6-His tagThis study
    pET11aApr, pMB1 ori, T7 promoter35
    pET28bKmr, pMB1 ori, T7 promoter, 6-His tag35
    pET11 km-GSTKmr, pMB1 ori, T7 promoter, GST fusion20
    pKK641A′Kmr, R64drd-11 derivative carrying 18.5-kb rep and pil segment11
    pKK641A′ pilK1pKK641A′ carrying the pilK1 frameshift mutation40
    pKK641A′ pilR2pKK641A′ carrying the pilR2 frameshift mutation40
    pKK641A′ pilT1pKK641A′ carrying the pilT1 frameshift mutation40
    pKK661Cmr, pHSG576 (pSC101 rep) derivative carrying 35.6-kb tra segment11
    pKK698a0.8-kb pilM fragment in pUC11940
    pKK700a2.0-kb pilO fragment in pUC11940
    pKK701a1.0-kb pilP fragment in pUC11940
    pEO281.3-kb pilO fragment in pET28bThis study
    pEP280.5-kb pilP fragment in pET28bThis study
    pEM-GST0.5-kb pilM fragment in pET11 km-GSTThis study
    pEP110.5-kb pilP fragment in pET11aThis study
    pUK230.6-kb pilK fragment in pUH23aThis study
    pUR231.1-kb pilR fragment in pUH23aThis study
    pUT230.5-kb pilT fragment in pUH23aThis study