Comparison of transcript levels of the seripauperin (PAU) gene family in rox1 strains and wild-type strains grown under anaerobiosis

ORFGeneProteinrox1 effectN2 effect
YJL223CPAU1Member of the seripauperin family0.971.06.2e−516
YIL176CSeripauperin family member, protein identical to Pau10.280.844.9e−417
YEL049WPAU2Member of the seripauperin family0.891.03.6e−47.8
YCR104WPAU3Member of the seripauperin family0.501.22.6e−713
YLR461WPAU4Member of the seripauperin family0.531.21.2e−46.9
YFL020CPAU5Member of the seripauperin family0.150.743.0e−524
YNRO76WPAU6Member of the seripauperin family0.610.921.9e−416
YLL064CSeripauperin family member; protein identical to Pau60.600.883.1e−423
YAR020CPAU7Member of the seripauperin family0.251.56.7e−827
YJR150CDAN1Possible cell wall mannoprotein of the PAU family0.901.04.7e−1073
YLR037CDAN2Member of the seripauperin family0.931.06.5e−416
YBR301WDAN3Cell wall mannoprotein of the PAU family5.8e−30.682.2e−419
YJR151CDAN4Member of the seripauperin family0.480.880.690.32
YER011WTIR1Stress-induced cell wall mannoprotein in the PAU family0.391.40.430.82
YOR010CTIR2Cold shock-induced member of the PAU family7.2e−16301.2e−7114
YIL011WTIR3Possible cell wall mannoprotein of the PAU family0.531.16.6e−1038
YOR009WTIR4Possible cell wall mannoprotein of the PAU family0.111.32.3e−340
YBR067CTIP1Cold and heat shock-induced mannoprotein in PAU family1.3e−72.21.2e−32.0
YAL068CMember of the seripauperin family1.3e−50.671.1e−48.9
YDR542WMember of the seripauperin family0.350.842.4e−416
YGL261CMember of the seripauperin family0.060.802.1e−417
YGR294WMember of the seripauperin family0.100.783.3e−423
YHL046CMember of the seripauperin family0.410.863.1e−49.5
YIR041WMember of the seripauperin family0.441.24.9e−1016
YKL224CMember of the seripauperin family0.070.764.6e−516
YLL025WMember of the seripauperin family0.231.33.9e−511
YMR325WMember of the seripauperin family0.701.23.6e−39.0
YOL161CMember of the seripauperin family0.921.01.6e−417
YOR394WMember of the seripauperin family0.401.32.3e−79.7
YPL282CMember of the seripauperin family0.901.01.2e−48.1
YKL096WCWP1Cell wall mannoprotein of the PAU family8.8e−51.93.0e−33.0
YKL097W-ACWP2Cell wall mannoprotein of the PAU family7.6e−
  • a Mean transcript level in the rox1 strains divided by that in the wild-type strains.

  • b Mean transcript level observed under anaerobiosis divided by that under aerobiosis.