List of vectors and plasmids

PlasmidStructure, properties, and origin (reference)Reference
pUK-S11Multicopy vector derived from plasmid pKD112
pUK-GAL2pUK-S11 carrying GAL2 gene (2.6-kb HindIII-EcoRI fragment) (14)This study
pUK-MAL22pUK-S11 carrying K. lactis maltase gene MAL22 (5-kb HindIII-PstI fragment from pEFHP) (obtained from A. Dominguez, University of Salamanca; unpublished)This study
KCp491Centromeric vector (KEp6 + KlCEN2), low copy number (<3)42
KCp-GAL2KCp491 carrying GAL2 gene (3.5-kb HindIII fragment) (14)This study
pAF1pUK-S11 carrying HXT4 gene (3.8-kb XbaI-BglII fragment from clone F)This study
pKS1pUK-S11 carrying HXT1/DDSEI segment (4.0-kb HindIII fragment from clone F)This study
pKK1pUK-S11 carrying MAL6T gene (3.7-kb HindIII-BglII fragment) (13)This study
pKL1KCp491 carrying the same MAL6T as aboveThis study
pMM1pUK-S11 carrying MAL6T-MAL6S segment (7.5-kb HindIII fragment) (13)This study
pKM1KCp491 carrying the same MAL6T-MAL6S as aboveThis study