Effects of C-terminal His tag fused to pilK, pilR, and pilT genes on the complementation of the respective pil mutations

PlasmidsTransfer frequency (%)a
pKK661, pKK641A′1.6
pKK661, pKK641A′ pilK1<0.001
pKK661, pKK641A′ pilK1, pUK231.4
pKK661, pKK641A′ pilR2<0.001
pKK661, pKK641A′ pilR2, pUR231.0
pKK661, pKK641A′ pilT1<0.001
pKK661, pKK641A′ pilT1, pUT230.04
  • a Transfer frequency of pKK661 from E. coli NF83 donor cells harboring pKK661, pKK641A′ pilK1, pilR2 or pilT1 mutations with or without complementation plasmids to TN102 recipient cells in liquid matings was estimated as described previously (28). Transfer frequency is indicated as a percentage of transconjugants relative to donor cells.