Strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidDescriptionRelevant characteristicsSource or reference
    jf570H10407ΔeltAETEC strain with polar insertion in eltA (LT deficient)9
    MK1052H10407ΔeltA/pILTjf570 carrying inducible LT plasmid; AmprThis work
    MK1200H10407ΔeltA/pILT[T47A]jf570 carrying inducible T47A mutant; AmprThis work
    MK1201H10407ΔeltA/pILT[Q3K]As described for MK1200, with Q3K; AmprThis work
    MK1203H10407ΔeltA/pILT[Q3L]As described for MK1200, with Q3L; AmprThis work
    MK1204H10407ΔeltA/pILT[Y18A]As described for MK1200, with Y18A; AmprThis work
    MK1206H10407ΔeltA/pILT[A46D]As described for MK1200, with A46D; AmprThis work
    MK741DH5α degP::Tn5/pDsbA/pILTE. coli K-12, degP knockout, carrying a plasmid copy of dsbA and an inducible LT plasmid; Kanr Cmr Ampr25
    MK1207DH5α degP::Tn5/pDsbA/pILT[T47A]As described for MK741, with inducible T47A; Kanr Cmr AmprThis work
    MK1208DH5α degP::Tn5/pDsbA/pILT[Q3K]As described for MK1207, with Q3K; Kanr Cmr AmprThis work
    MK1210DH5α degP::Tn5/pDsbA/pILT[Q3L]As described for MK1207, with Q3L; Kanr Cmr AmprThis work
    MK1211DH5α degP::Tn5/pDsbA/pILT[Y18A]As described for MK1207, with Y18A; Kanr Cmr AmprThis work
    MK1213DH5α degP::Tn5/pDsbA/pILT[A46D]As described for MK1207, with A46D; Kanr Cmr AmprThis work
    CWG311F470 waaV::aacC1R1 core, lacks O antigen; Gmr15
    CWG309F470 waaT::aacC1R1 core, two terminal Gal residues removed; Gmr15
    CWG303F470 waaG::aacC1R1 core, entire outer core removed; Gmr15
    WBB01JC7236 ΔwaaCF::tet6Expresses only Kdo2-lipid A; Tetr3
    pILTIPTG-inducible LT holotoxin; AmprThis work
    pDsbAdsbA ligated into pACYC184; Cmr TetrThis work