Yields of P. putida F1 and PRS2000 grown with various nitrogen sources

CompoundaNo. of N atoms presentP. putida F1 P. putida PRS2000c
OD660 per mM compoundbOD660 per mM N atomOD660 per mM compoundOD660 per mM N atom
NH4Cl10.73 ± 0.070.73 ± 0.070.66 ± 0.080.66 ± 0.08
Cytosine32.10 ± 0.060.70 ± 0.021.91 ± 0.080.64 ± 0.03
Thymine21.56 ± 0.050.78 ± 0.03
Uracil21.49 ± 0.090.75 ± 0.04
  • a The inoculum was grown in MSB containing 10 mM succinate, washed once, and then transferred into modified MSB containing one-tenth the standard concentration of Hutner's mineral base and no ammonium sulfate, with 10 mM succinate and a range of growth-limiting concentrations of nitrogen sources (0.1 to 0.3 mM). Duplicate cultures were aerated until stationary phase at both 30°C and at room temperature (∼21°C). The results were the same for both temperatures; results with cultures grown at 30°C are presented.

  • b Average final yield for at least four different cultures containing various nitrogen source concentrations grown at 30°C. Standard errors are indicated.

  • c −, no growth.