Strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidRelevant propertiesSource or reference
E. coli
DH5αSubcloning strainGIBCO-BRLa
DH10BSubcloning strainGIBCO-BRL
RB404Subcloning strain, dam mutant5
S17-1Plasmid-mobilizing strain23
C600(pDPT51)Plasmid-mobilizing strain26
R. capsulatus
B10Wild type16
BCKFB10 with ctrA::KIXX disruptionThis work
BKKRB10 with cckA::KIXX disruptionThis work
Y262GTA overproducer29
pUC13Subcloning vector27
pUC13HxSubcloning vector, pUC13 with destroyed HindIII siteThis work
pUC4KIXXSource of KIXX cartridge2
pCTRAR. capsulatus ctrA expression plasmid13
pHxCESpUC13Hx containing ctrA geneThis work
pCHBKIXF2pHxCES with KIXX disruption in ctrA geneThis work
pCHP1pUC13 containing part of cckA geneThis work
pBgKR2pCHP1 with KIXX disruption in cckA geneThis work
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