Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Bacterial straina or plasmidDescriptionSource
JH642pheA1 trpC2J. A. Hoch; Scripps Research Institute, La Lolla, Calif.
GLU-47crsA47Bacillus Genetic Stock Center
GBS10crsA47; JH642 transformed with chromosomal DNA from GLU-47This study
JH12751amyE::spo0A-lacZM. Perego; Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, Calif.
GBS100amyE::spo0A-lacZ crsA47; GBS10 transformed with chromosomal DNA from JH12751This study
GBS121amyE::spo0A-lacZ crsA47 spo0H::pGBS-0H2; GBS100 transformed with pGBS-0H2This study
GBS122amyE::spo0A-lacZ spo0H::pGBS-0H2; JH12751 transformed with pGBS-0H2This study
GBS 125amyE::spo0AΔps-lacZ crsA4; GBS10 transformed with pGBS800This study
GBS126amyE::spo0AΔps-lacZ; JH642 transformed with pGBS800This study
GBS145spo0AΔps; GBS10 transformed with pJH14-MThis study
GBS146spo0AΔps; JH642 transformed with pJH14-MThis study
pGBS-0H2pJM103 (19) containing a 550-bp internal fragment of spo0H (bp +58 to +665) generated using primers 5"-CTGAGCTCACGAGCAGGTCATTGAA-3" and 5"-TAGCATGCTGCGTTTCACACG CTGA-3"This study
pJH14-MDerivative of pJF1408 (containing the 5" flanking region of the spo0A gene to the BalI site at −856 and the spo0A gene up to the internal EcoRI site at +753 [10]); pJH14-M was created by the removal of a 77-bp SspI/HpaI fragment (−59 to +18 relative to the start of transcription) containing spo0Aps promoter exactly as described earlier (22)This study
pGBS 800pDH32 containing a transcriptional fusion of the promoter region of spo0AΔps in pJH14-M (−826 to +71 relative to the start of translation) that had been amplified with primers 5"-CGTGAATCCGATATGGACACAAA-3" and 5"-TCGGATCCATGTCTTCCTGTCCTT-3" and lacZThis study
  • a All B. subtilis strains except GLU-47 are derivatives of JH642; only additional relevant genotypes are listed.