2. YplA phenotype of Y. enterocolitca mutants on PLA medium

StrainRelevant genotypePlasmidPresence (+) or absence (−) of phospholipase activitya in:
Low saltHigh salt
JB580vWild type+
GY731Vector controlpTM100+
GY722ΔflhDC, Pcat-yplABpGY100+
GY4412ysaI::mTnMod-RKm", Pcat-yplABpGY100+
GY4413ysaW::mTnMod-RKm", Pcat-yplABpGY100+
GY4414orf1-1::mTnMod-RKm", Pcat-yplABpGY100+
GY4415ysaT::mTnMod-RKm", Pcat-yplABpGY100+
GY4416orf1-2::mTnMod-RKm", Pcat-yplABpGY100+
GY4418ysaV::mTnMod-RKm", Pcat-yplABpGY100+
  • a It has been shown that YplA export is required for activity to be detected on indicator medium (55). The low-salt medium contained 90 mM sodium chloride, and high-salt medium contained 290 mM sodium chloride. The phospholipase activity was scored as positive for strains that formed colonies surrounded by a zone of precipitation on PLA medium.