Functional analysis of alkane hydroxylases based on growth on alkane vapor on minimal medium plates

Alkane hydroxylaseResulta of functional analysis on host strain:
E. coli GEc137(pGEc47ΔB)P. putida GPo12(pGEc47ΔB)P. fluorescens KOB2Δ1
P. putida GPo1 alkB++ (C6-C12)++ (C6-C12)+(C12)
P. putida P1 alkB++ (only C8 was tested)NTNT
A. borkumensis AP1 alkB1++ (C8-C12)++ (C8-C12)NT
Acinetobacter sp. ADP1 alkM
P. aeruginosa PAO1 alkB1NT+ (C12-C16)
P. aeruginosa PAO1 alkB2+ (C12-C14)++ (C12-C16)
P. fluorescens CHA0 alkB+ (C12-C14)++ (C12-C16)
M. tuberculosis H37Rv alkB++ (C10-C12)++ (C12-C16)
P. rugosa NRRL B-2295 alkBNT++ (C10-C12)++ (C12-C16)
  • a −, no growth; +, poor growth; ++, good growth; NT, not tested. The substrates indicated in parentheses were tested and positive.