Phenotype of R995ΔincC in A. actinomycetemcomitans

Plasmid(s) in donoraPlasmid in recipientbRelative no. of transconjugantsc
R995, pJAK16NA1.0, 0.9d
R995ΔincC, pJAK16NA<10−4, 1.0d
R995 tacp vector1.0
R995ΔincC tacp vector<10−4
R995ΔincC tacp-incC21.0
  • a E. coli LS1443 (26).

  • b A. actinomycetemcomitans Y4Nal (46). NA, not applicable.

  • c Four-hour matings at 37°C were done as described previously (46). Transconjugants were selected on media containing a combination of the following antibiotics: kanamycin (20 μg/ml), chloramphenicol (2 μg/ml), and nalidixic acid (20 μg/ml). The relative number of transconjugants was obtained by dividing the number of transconjugants per donor for the test plasmid by the number of transconjugants per donor for R995 for each experiment. Results are the average of two experiments.

  • d Relative numbers of R995 and pJAK16 transconjugants, respectively.