Growth rates of wild-type and alkB recombinant strains on n-alkanes

StrainAdditional genecGrowth rate (h−1) ona:
P. aeruginosa PAO10.0360.0690.1
P. fluorescens CHA00.0190.0190.053
P. putida GPo1b0.063
GPo12(pGEc47ΔB)b alkB2 (PAO1)0.0210.011
alkB (CHA0)0.0250.009
alkB (2295)0.0330.010
alkB (H37Rv)0.0770.011
KOB2Δ1 alkB (GPo1)0.007
alkB1 (PAO1)0.0040.0190.016
alkB2 (PAO1)0.0330.0320.046
alkB (CHA0)0.0170.0290.053
alkB (2295)0.0140.0500.049
alkB (H37Rv)0.0430.0410.038
  • a C12, n-dodecane; C14, n-tetradecane; C16, n-hexadecane; −, no growth.

  • b Rhamnolipids were added to the GPo1 and GPo12(pGEc47ΔB) cultures.

  • c See Fig. 1 for full name of original host strain.