Similarity between the nucleotide sequences of SfV and E. coli prophages

SfVE. coli K-12
Nucleotide positions (total no. bp)Predicted ORFsaProphagec (accession no. or refs.)Homologous nucleotide positionsPredicted ORF(s)a% identify at nucleotide level
1152-2237 (1085)(orf-2)e14 (AE000214)7807-8892b114995
15305-16998 (1693)(orf-19), orf-20, (orf-21)9545-11238b1152, b1153, (b1154)96
20514-19074 (1440)attP, gtrA, gtrB7200-8640b1148b b1149b82
24838-25022 (184)Between orf-32 and orf-334687-4871(b1142b), (b1143b)97
25573-27230 (1657)cl cro, orf-36, (orf-37)5556-7213b1145, b1146, b114794
17024-16733 (291)(orf-21)KpLE1 (AE000324)1251-1542(b2355)92
24645-21981 (2664)orf-32, orf-31, orf-30, orf-29, orf-282994-5658b2359, b2360, b2361, b2362, b236396
29880-29041 (839)(orf-39), orf-40, (orf-41)1540-2379(b2358), b2357, (b2356)95
20515-19090 (1425)attP, gtrA, gtrBKpLE1 (AE000323) (2, 4)7201-8626b2350, b235182
33679-32464 (1215)(orf-45), QQin (AE000253)130-1345(b1560), b155988