Genes that exhibited decreased or increased expression in Δcrp and ΔcyaC mutants compared to the wild type for cells grown under O2-limited conditions

LocusGeneFunction or descriptionΔcrp mutant/wild type ratioaΔcyaC mutant/wild type ratioa
CRP- and CyaC-upregulated genes
    SO_0827Lactate transport protein0.030.23
    SO_1422ifcRFe(III)-induced transcriptional regulator0.120.29
    SO_1427dmsECytochrome c component of DMSO reductase0.080.38
    SO_1428dmsFOuter membrane protein0.070.25
    SO_1429dmsAOuter membrane DMSO reductase0.090.23
    SO_1430dmsBFeS subunit of DMSO reductase0.130.12
    SO_1431dmsGDMSO reductase chaperone0.140.16
    SO_1432dmsHConserved hypothetical protein0.240.22
    SO_1776mtrBOuter membrane protein, metal reduction0.060.20
    SO_1777mtrADecaheme c cytochrome, metal reduction0.050.31
    SO_1778mtrCOuter membrane c cytochrome, metal reduction0.040.31
    SO_1779omcAOuter membrane c cytochrome, metal reduction0.090.24
    SO_3285cydBCytochrome d ubiquinol oxidase0.140.20
    SO_3286cydACytochrome d ubiquinol oxidase0.120.19
CRP- and CyaC-downregulated genes
    SO_3503nagPN-Acetylglucosamine transporter6.502.58
    SO_3504nagXN-Acetylglucosamine-related transporter10.068.00
    SO_3505nagAN-Acetylglucosamine-6-phosphate deacetylase14.428.28
    SO_3506nagBGlucosamine-6-phosphate deaminase27.4717.15
    SO_3507nagKN-Acetylglucosamine kinase23.7514.83
    SO_3510Methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein10.276.06
    SO_3513Tryptophan halogenase9.715.06
  • a Ratio of the mean hybridization signal intensity for the crp or cyaC mutant to the mean hybridization signal intensity for the wild type. Values greater than 1 indicate an increase in the mRNA level in the mutant; values less than 1 indicate a decrease.