Genes with altered expression profiles in the ΔcyaC mutant compared to the wild type for cells grown under O2-limited conditions

LocusGeneFunction or descriptionΔcyaC mutant/wild type ratioa
Genes upregulated by CyaC
    SO_0026Transcriptional regulator0.34
    SO_0268ccmH-1Cytochrome c biogenesis protein0.33
    SO_0269Cytochrome c biogenesis thioredoxin0.28
    SO_0282pilNType IV pilus biogenesis protein0.26
    SO_0521Monooxygenase domain protein0.28
    SO_1215ompKOuter membrane protein0.33
    SO_1490adhBAlcohol dehydrogenase II0.35
    SO_1824TonB system biopolymer transport component0.34
    SO_2361ccoPcbb3-type cytochrome c oxidase, subunit III, CcoP0.26
    SO_2362ccoQcbb3-type cytochrome c oxidase, subunit IV, CcoQ0.21
    SO_2363ccoOcbb3-type cytochrome c oxidase, subunit II, CcoO0.15
    SO_2364ccoNcbb3-type cytochrome c oxidase, subunit I, CcoN0.21
    SO_2942Prophage lambda So transcriptional regulator0.31
    SO_2993Prophage lambda type II DNA methyltransferase0.16
    SO_3146DNA-binding protein, H-NS family0.29
    SO_3211flhGFlagellar biosynthesis protein0.21
    SO_3212flhFFlagellar biosynthesis protein0.31
    SO_3213flhAFlagellar biosynthesis protein0.29
    SO_3221fliMFlagellar motor switching0.30
    SO_3223fliKFlagellar hook length control protein0.18
    SOA_0001repAPlasmid replication protein0.10
Genes downregulated by CyaC
    SO_0312Outer membrane porin3.06
    SO_0630nosATonB-dependent outer membrane protein6.87
    SO_2318cheYChemotaxis response regulator5.97
    SO_3687csgECurli secretion protein6.67
  • a Ratio of the mean hybridization signal intensity for the cyaC mutant to the mean hybridization signal intensity for the wild type. Values greater than 1 indicate an increase in the mRNA level in the mutant; values less than 1 indicate a decrease.