Bacteria and plasmids used in this study

Bacterium/plasmidRelevant characteristic(s)Source or reference
S. Typhimurium strains
    12023Wild typeLaboratory stock
    Ahp mutantΔahpCF::kan ΔtsaA::catThis study
    Kat mutantΔkatE ΔkatG ΔkatN::kanThis study
    HpxT mutantΔkatE ΔkatG ΔahpCF::kanThis study
    HpxF mutantΔkatE ΔkatG ΔkatN ΔahpCF ΔtsaAThis study
E. coli strains
    MG1655F; wild typeLaboratory stock
    Hpx mutantΔkatE::tet ΔkatG::cat ΔahpCF::kanThis study
    pACYC184cat (Cmr) tet (Tcr), p15A, ori7
    pkatGpACYC184 derivative carrying katG and its promoter (Cmr)This study
    ptsaApACYC184 derivative carrying tsaA and its promoter (Cmr)This study
    pKD3Template plasmid; contains an FLP recombination target-flanked chloramphenicol resistance gene (Cmr)11
    pKD4Template plasmid; contains an FRT-flanked kanamycin resistance gene (Kmr)11
    pCP20Thermal induction of FLP synthesis11
    pKD46Red recombinase expression plasmid11