Summary of genome sizes, gene contents, gene diversities, and proteome contents for S. pneumoniae prophages

ProphageHost strain (serotype)Accession no.aMLSTbGenome size (bp)% GC contentattcPredicted genes% CodingNo. of genes with unknown function
φSpn_OXCOXC141d (3)SI18033,27640.5OXC5192.731
φSpn_3CGSSp3BS71e (3)NZ_AAZZ0100001618033,06940.2OXC5191.731
φSpn_11CGSSp11BS70e (11)NZ_ABAC010000156231,07140.5OXC5394.738
φSpn_14CGSSp14BS69e (14)NZ_ABAD0100002112431,67438.9OXC56f 93.735
φSpn_H_1Hungary19A-6 (19A)CP00093619933,99639.33OXC4293.821
φSpn_1873CDC1873-00 (6A)NZ_ABFS0100000537634,44839.29OXC4296.519
φSpn_3059CDC3059-06 (19A)NZ_ABGG0100001419937,89340.61OXC5896.637
φSpn_195_2SP195 (9V)NZ_ABGE0100001315638,45540.84OXC4992.428
φSpn_6CGSSp6BS73e (6A)NZ_ABAA0100001746042,06940.1MM162f 91.243
φSpn_9CGSSp9BS68e (9V)ABAB00000000126940,69239.8MM15987.741
φSpn_19CGSSp19BS75e (19F)ABAF0000000048539,47739.8MM15889.941
φSpn_23CGSSp23BS72e (23F)ABAG000000003739,38739.7MM166f 89.750
φSpn_195_1SP195 (9V)NZ_ABGE0100000215641,05839.92MM15988.141
φSpn_18CGSSp18BS74e (6B)ABAE00000000ND37,36238.2φSpn_185393.329
φSpn_H_2Hungary19A-6 (19A)CP0093619940,07939.4φSpn_185296.125
MM1g 949 (23F)AJ3020748140,24838.4MM15394.326
MM1-1998g DCC1808 (24)DQ113772
MM1-200823Fh (23F)SI8139,30738.2MM15394.726
  • a SI, obtained from the Sanger Institute website ( ).

  • b MLST, multilocus sequence type; ND, not determined.

  • c att, attachment core sequence; OXC, att OXC (SP_0019-SP_0020); MM1, att MM1 (SP_1563-SP_1564); φSpn_18, att φSpn_18 (SP_0020-SP_0021).

  • d Provided by A. Brueggemann (University of Oxford, United Kingdom).

  • e Provided by Allegheny General Hospital, Allegheny-Singer Research Institute, Center for Genomic Sciences, Pittsburgh, PA (30).

  • f Calculation of the gene number may vary due to the annotation of the pblB gene.

  • g The data for MM1 and MM1-1998 have been previously reported (50).

  • h Provided by the Scottish Meningococcus and Pneumococcus Reference Laboratory (Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow, United Kingdom).