Summary of the main characteristics identified in the genetic modules in the three different groups of temperate bacteriophages

Phage groupCluster membersLysogeny module Replication module No. of genes for packaging moduleMorphology module Lysis module
No. of genesIntegraseNo. of genesPeculiarity(ies)aNo. of genesPeculiarity(ies)bNo. of genesPeculiarity(ies)
1φSpn_OXC/φSpn_312Int116 cg1 415Sfi21-like genus; pblB-like4Holin 1, holin 2
φSpn_118Int122 cg1, cg2 514Sfi11-like genus; pblAB-like4Holin 1, holin 2
φSpn_1412Int120 cg1, cg2 317Sfi21-like genus; pblB-like4Holin 1, holin 2
2φSpn_67Int227 cg1, cg2; TA system; vapE-like gene321Sfi11-like genus; pblB-like4Holin 1-holin 2
φSpn_98Int225 cg1, cg2; vapE-like gene320Sfi11-like genus; pblB-like4Holin 1
φSpn_197Int225 cg1, cg2; vapE-like gene319Sfi11-like genus; pblB-like4Holin 1
φSpn_238Int230 cg2; vapE-like gene321Sfi11-like genus; pblB-like4Holin 1, holin 2
3MM1-20085Int224 cg1, cg2; C5-MTase (α and β subunits)317Sfi11-like genus4Holin 1, holin 2
φSpn_187Int322 cg1, cg2; C5-MTase317Sfi11-like genus4Holin 1, holin 2
  • a cg, conserved genes identified in the replication module. TA system, toxin/antitoxin system (MazEF-like).

  • b Sfi21/Sfi11-like genus indicate the genus of Siphoviridae phages as previously proposed (10).