Identification of genes in mutants carrying a Tn5-B21 insertiona

MutantCumulative index of lecA::lux expression (% of PAO1 lecA::lux expression)Gene no. in Pseudomonas genome sequenceTn5-B21 insertion site on PAO1 chromosomeGene name or productReference
PAO-P44PA14301558663 lasR 14
PAO-P8*38PA43414870418Putative regulator
PAO-P94PA36224058513 rpoS 53
PAO-P10223PA43154844118 mvaT 41
PAO-P1947PA52655927833Hypothetical protein
PAO-P344PA34773890556 rhlR 29
PAO-P52191PA26202963477 clpA 17
PAO-P6910PA42074707888Probable RND-like efflux transporter
  • a For each mutant, the assigned gene number in the P. aeruginosa complete genome sequence (49) is provided. Insertion sites were identified by comparing the DNA sequence flanking Tn5-B21 with the complete P. aeruginosa genome sequence. In PAO-P8*, Tn5-B21 was inserted just upstream of gene PA4341. The lecA::lux expression value for each mutant is shown as percentages of that of the parent PAOI lecA::lux strain. Each value was calculated by dividing each 30-min reading of RLU per unit of OD495 from the LUCYI experiment by that for the PAOI lecA::lux parent strain.