Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristicsSource or reference
    S. mutans
        NG8Wild type, Ems KmsA. S. Bleiweis, University of Florida
        BM71Wild type, Ems KmsG. H. Bowden, University of Manitoba
        SMCC1NG8::pComC-KO ComC Emr Kms30
        SMCD1NG8::pComD-KO ComD Emr Kms30
        SMCE1NG8::pComD-KO ComE Emr Kms30
        SMComX1NG8::pComX-KO ComX1 Emr KmsThis study
        SMCDE-L4NG8 ΔcomCDE::PcEm Emr KmsThis study
        SMComX1NG8 ΔcomX1::PcEm Emr KmsThis study
        SMCDE-L4-pCOMCSMCDE-L4::pCOMC Spr EmrThis study
        SMCC1-pCOMCSMCDE-L4::pCOMC Spr EmrThis study
    pDL289E. coli-Streptoccus shuttle vector, Kmr3
    pDL277E. coli-Streptococcus shuttle vector, Spr24
    pCOMCPDL277 harboring a wild-type comC geneThis study