Growth of D. discoideum in the presence of various P. aeruginosa mutants

StrainD. discoideum growth on substrate(s)a
K. pneumoniae + P. aeruginosaP. aeruginosab
PT5 (wild type)0
PT462 (rhlR)+5
PT498 (lasR)1
PT531 (rhlR-lasR)+8
PT454 (rhlI)+4
PT466 (lasI)1
PT502 (rhlI-lasI)+8
PT712 (rhlA)+2
PT149 (NfxC)+4
PT637 (NfxC, mexE)0
PT625 (NalC)0
PT648 (nfxB)1
  • a Clonal growth of D. discoideum was tested on a mixture of K. pneumoniae and P. aeruginosa cells, as described in Fig. 2. +, growth of D. discoideum on the given substrate; −, no growth of D. discoideum.

  • b The ability of D. discoideum cells to form plaques was tested on a lawn of pure P. aeruginosa cells as described in the legend to Fig. 3.