Transposon and IS elements on the Rts1 genome

ElementTSDa (bp)TIRb (bp)Location (length in bp)% Homology (accession no.)
Tn69015∗525877-12777 (6,901)Newly identified
IS610A3∗3815663-16892 (1,230)Newly identified
IS5A41625205-26399 (1,195)100 (J01734)
IS611A33831503-32764 (1,262)Newly identified
Tn91997860227-69425 (9,199)Newly identified
IS611B338106039-107300 (1,262)Newly identified
IS611C338107745-109006 (1,262)Newly identified
Tn26808820114687-119688 (5,002)Newly identified
IS26A14114687-115506 (820)100 (X00011)
IS903.B918116718-117774 (1,057)99.9 (X02527)
IS26B14118869-119688 (820)100 (X00011)
IS2A542169698-171028 (1,331)100 (V00279)
  • a Elements, in which one base of the target site duplication (TSD) sequences between the right and left ends are different are indicated by asterisks. Dashes indicate that no such sequences were found.

  • b TIR, terminal inverted repeat.