Strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant featuresaReference or source
Y. enterocolitica strains and     pYV plasmids
    MRS40(pYV40)Wild type33
    SBY40(pYV40)flhDΔ44-119 flhCΔ1-124This work
    SBY40(pAB4052)yopE52 flhDΔ44-119 flhCΔ1-124This work
    SBY22703(pSW2276)yscNΔ169-177 flhDΔ44-119 flhCΔ1-124This work
Other plasmids
    pBSSK(−)Cloning vectorStratagene
    pGCS757virF-cat transcriptional fusion in pTZ19R plus oriTRK25
    pGEX-KGCloning vector generating translational fusions with GSTPharmacia Biotech
    pGY104.3-kb EcoRI fragment containing flhDC genes of Y. enterocolitica 8081v cloned in pTM10044
    pKNG101Suicide vector; oriR6K pir oriTRK216
    pPW107pBC19R plus kanamycin resistance cassetteP. Wattiau and G. R. Cornelis, unpublished data
    pSBY10flhDC mutator obtained by cloning the mutated flhDC′ allele from pSBY9 digested with SalI and XbaI in the same sites of pKNG101This work
    pSBY5pGEX-KG producing a hybrid GST-YscJ′ protein (191-bp fragment of yscJ [nucleotides 23-214])This work
    pSBY6PCR-amplified flhD and flhC cloned opposite plac in pBluescript SK(−)This work
    pSBY7StyI deletion in pSBY6This work
    pSBY9Cloned kanamycin resistance cassette in the StyI site of pSBY7 blunted with the Klenow fragment of polymeraseThis work
    pSI55plac, sycE (bp −25 to stop), and yopE (bp −21 to stop) cloned in the same orientation in pTM100I. Stainier and G. R. Cornelis, unpublished data
    pTM100pACYC184 plus oriTRK2 (medium-copy-number, mobilizable vector)26
  • a Deletions indicate the base pairs deleted from the gene; e.g., in flhDΔ44-119, bp 44 to 119 are deleted from flhD. oriTRK2, origin of transfer of plasmid RK2; oriR6K, origin of replication of plasmid R6K.