B. subtilis strains and plasmids used in this study

StrainRelevant genotype or propertiesSource and/or reference
B. subtilis strains
    JH642trpC2 pheA1J. A. Hoch
    LAB2876trpC2 pheA1 clpX::spc25
    LAB2972trpC2 pheA1 clpP::erm34
    ORB3673trpC2 pheA1 clpX::spc yjbFG::pPS3428
    ORB3834trpC2 pheA1 yjbD::neo28
    ORB3976trpC2 pheA1 clpC::tetThis study
    ORB4059trpC2 pheA1 yjbD-lacZ catThis study
    ORB4065trpC2 pheA1 clpX::spc yjbD-lacZ catThis study
    ORB4075trpC2 pheA1 amyE::Pspac-yjbD catThis study
    ORB4078trpC2 pheA1 yjbD::neo amyE::Pspac-yjbDThis study
    ORB4079trpC2 pheA1 yjbD::neo clpX::spc amyE::Pspac-yjbDThis study
    ORB4080trpC2 pheA1 yjbD::neo clpP::erm amyE::Pspac-yjbDThis study
    ORB4081trpC2 pheA1 yjbD::neo clpC::tet amyE::Pspac-yjbDThis study
    pDR66Plasmid allowing IPTG-dependent gene expressionA. Grossman, 15
    pLysSPlasmid to produce T7 lysozymeStratagene
    pPS34Integrative plasmidP. Serror and A. L. Sonenshein, unpublished
    pTKlacPlasmid for construction of lacZ transcriptional fusion17
    pTYB1Cloning vector for IMPACT T7 systemNew England BioLabs
    pTYB2Cloning vector for IMPACT T7 systemNew England BioLabs
    pClpCpTYB2 with clpCThis study
    pClpPpTYB1 with clpPThis study
    pMMN464pPS34 carrying oppB to yjbFThis study
    pMMN470pTYB4 with yjbD28
    pMMN497pDR66 with yjbD under control of PspacThis study
    pSN3pTYB1 with mecAThis study
    pSN5pTYB1 with ypbHThis study
    pSN16pTKlac carrying yjbD-lacZThis study