Measurements of the β-galactosidase activity in strains of P. aeruginosa harboring either pGU101 or pGU102

Plasmid (promoter)Host strain (genotype)β-Galactosidase sp acta (nmol/min/mg)
pGU102 (PspuA)PAO1 (wild type)17190143238
PAO5001 (aguA)3030229324
PAO5003 (aguR)29290210339
PAO5100 (cbrAB)323037ND
pGU101 (PspuI)PAO1 (wild type)110860733500
PAO5001 (aguA)1661441062727
PAO5003 (aguR)22410341047644
  • a Cells were grown in MMP with supplements as indicated at 20 mM. Glu, glutamate; Agm, agmatine; Put, putrescine; Spd, spermidine. ND, not determined. Values are the averages of two measurements, with the standard errors (not shown) all below 5% of the corresponding average.