Coordinates and characteristics of phage and the largest island regions

18549221120125,710 bpInsecticidal toxin subunits; TcaA has internal deletion; phage ORFs between toxin genes; hypotheticals
26247831097548,498 bpIS cluster at 3′ endIcmF-like fragments and ORFs similar to OI no. 7 of EDL933; Rhs; regulator; ribokinase
58169464197860,285 bpType III secretion system (one ORF disrupted); hmu (hemin uptake); Tellurite resistance; chaperone and usher; putative adhesin
≈834807≈842229≈7.4 kbpPhage remnant; no flanking repeats; integrase; no other phage-like features
1258841131339554,555 bpIS100Sugar transport; UreA; putative enzymes; hypotheticals
≈1362250≈1368074≈5.8 kbpPhage remnant; no flanking repeats; integrase disrupted by a transposase; no other phage-like features
1679400173352354,124 bptRNA-Arg yfu Fe uptake; fimbriae; VgrG; Pseudomonas-like hypotheticals; IS100
2410398245646746,070 bpIntegraseLambdoid phage: integrase with IS100 insertion; excisionase; Q; lysis and tail fiber genes; 31-bp direct repeat at boundary
25951532701942106,790 bpIntegrase, IS100, IS285 leuZ, tRNA-AsnComposite island; yersiniabactin synthesis genes inserted near tRNA-Asn; integrase; tRNA duplication at boundary; phage remnant integrated at leuZ; two sets of transport genes; hms Fe uptake; fimbriae
2952460300820355,744 bp serT Many hypotheticals; fatty acid synthesis; cytotoxic necrotizing factor pseudogene (three pieces)
3389236340038511,150 bp ssrA Cryptic prophage, somewhat P4-like; 85-bp direct repeat; integrase ≈800 bp from ssrA 5′ end (IS1541 in between); integrase; primase; repressor; replication genes
≈3574541≈3601511≈27 kbptRNA-GlyPhage remnant: no flanking repeats; integrase ∼169 bp from tRNA-Gly 3′ end (glyU?); integrase; primase; regulatory gene
36919923876361184,370 bp pheV TadA-F (biofilm formation); IS200; Fe transport; fimbriae and flagellar genes; IS1397; Rhs; adhesins; nonribosomal peptide synthase; IS100; enterotoxin; secretion proteins; aerobactin Fe uptake; quorum-sensing (HSL) genes; many hypotheticals
3923286398098557,700 bp ileX TerXY; hemolysin; large hypothetical ORFs; transport genes; multidrug resistance
4061656408819826,543 bpHypothetical ORFs