S. pneumoniae strains used in the study

StrainGenotype or phenotypeSource or reference
P10Type 9VClinical isolate
P24R6, nonautolytic37
P43Type 22, optochin sensitiveClinical isolate
P44Type 22, optochin resistantClinical isolate
P62P10, expresses <0.02 mM H2O235
P303Type 6AClinical isolate
P324Type 6BClinical isolate
P763P324, opaque variant, lacks XbaI methylationThis study
P765P324, transparent variant, XbaI methylationThis study
P806Opaque revertant of P765, lacks XbaI methylationThis study
P833Type 23F clinical isolate, truncated 22-kDa PspA26
P878D39spxB::TnphoA(erm), expresses <0.02 mM H2O235
D39Type 219
R6D39, unencapsulated19
WG44.1PspA mutant transformant derived from D3928
TIGR4Type 4 genome sequence strain41