Breakdown of the 426 clones sequenced

Classification of clonesNo. of clonesAvg length (bp)% G+C (Pa)Total no. of bp% Identityb
All differential clones (no DNA match in the MSB8 genome)16637043.3 (<0.001)48024
No protein match in databasesc4726740.1 (<0.001)10443
Significant protein match in databases11940644.4 (<0.001)37581
Highest protein similarity to a T. maritima MSB8 gene or a gene from other Thermotoga strainsd3540945.1 (0.238)12671
All clones with a DNA match in the T. maritima MSB8 genome26036046.6 (0.015)8107487.5
False positives (DNA similarity of >85%)13035346.7 (0.013)3974594.2
Divergent clones (DNA similarity of ≤85%)9337246.5 (0.320)2812976.6
Low quality37372NA1320083.6
  • a The mean G+C content was compared to the mean G+C content of the T. maritima MSB8 genome (46%) by using a t test. NA, not applicable.

  • b Percent identity indicates the average percent DNA identity to the T. maritima MSB8 homolog.

  • c Expect value, >0.01.

  • d In BLAST searches against protein databases using the translation of the nucleotide sequence of the clone (i.e., BLASTX searches).