Comparison of genomic characteristics and in silico metabolic model characteristics of H. pylori and H. influenzae (63)

PropertiesBacterial strain
H. pylori 26695H. influenzae Rd
Genome characteristics
    Genome length (bp)1,667,8671,830,135
    G+C content (%)3938
    No. of ORFs1,5901,748
    No. with identified database match1,0911,011
    No. with no database match499732
In silico metabolic networks
    No. of genes included (% of known ORF)291 (≈27)400 (≈40)
    No. of associated reactions272412
    No. of other reactions11649
    No. of metabolites (internal/external)339/64367/84
    No. of internal fluxes534632
    No. of exchange fluxes115135
    Dimensions of S (metabolites by reactions)403 by 649451 by 767