Competition assays with complemented strains

Mutant strainaMedian CIbNo. of micecPd
Relevant genotypeName
Δ(Gifsy-2) pGP704 (vector)JS2320.01412< 0.0005
Δ(Gifsy-2) psodCI+JS2330.2811< 0.0005
Δ(Gifsy-2) pgtgE+JS2340.6712NS
Δ(Gifsy-2) pgtgE+ sodCI+JS2350.6212NS
  • a All strains competed against an isogenic wild-type strain (JS231).

  • b CI was calculated according to the formula in Materials and Methods, with the mutant as strain A and the wild type as strain B.

  • c All assays were performed i.p. using BALB/c mice.

  • d Student's t test was used to compare output versus inoculum. NS, not significant.